Pelican Island Elementary School
The Art Room

The ART Room

We are learning and having fun in the art room! Students in K through 5th grades will have art class once a week for 40 minutes. Our goal is to help teach our Pelicans to explore the world of creativity. In the creative process, the students develop a sense of self-worth through their art and learn to value artistic expression.

We love to showcase our students’ work! Artwork that is completed in art class is saved for displays and shows at school and throughout the district. Students will bringPaint Brushes home some of their artwork throughout the school year, and the remaining collection of work will be brought home at the end of each semester.
Students’ art projects are developed with art history and appreciation incorporated into the lesson when possible. We want to help foster students’ creativity!

Ways to Help

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I can always use:

  • cardboard rolls
  • egg containers
  • styrofoam trays
  • nature magazines